Our chosen charity for the first half of 2016 is TUSK, which is a dynamic and pioneering organisation that supports the people and wildlife of Africa. Poaching is at an all-time high throughout Africa with populations of rhino and elephant being drastically diminished day by day. An elephant is killed for its tusks every fifteen minutes. Think about that …

Many other species are also being targeted by the illegal wildlife trade which is now worth more than £13 billion a year! This is just one of many threats facing Africa’s wildlife, and at the present rate of extinction, we are set to lose as much as 20% of the world’s species within the next 30 years which is an unimaginable figure.

Tusk aims to tackle the greatest challenges for Africa’s wildlife and rural communities by investing in a range of projects that use conservation as a tool to alleviate poverty, improve education and reduce conflict. They provide hope to the people of Africa by supporting communities and promoting education. To date, 500,000 students have been taught using Tusk’s environmental education programme which highlights the importance of conservation. Tusk’s work aims to create a long-term and sustainable future for everyone by forging a harmonious relationship between the land and the community. It strives to end the human – wildlife conflict by making people more aware of their natural heritage and surroundings, combining the interests of people and wildlife.

Our Creative Director, Layo Paskin, is taking part in the Safaricom marathon in Kenya on 25th June, and we aim to raise over £5,000. This event is held around the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a long-standing partner of Tusk’s and pioneer in worldwide community-led conservation work. The marathon supports more than a dozen other projects in Kenya which work with local communities to protect endangered species ranging from Mountain Bongo to unique Turtle species found on the Kenyan coastline. The marathon will take the runners through some of East Africa’s most stunning scenery and give them the opportunity to visit the projects first-hand.

Please read more about their work and the race –

Layo “In my lifetime we have lost 50 % of the world’s wildlife. It is so shocking and cuts me right to the core. In setting up The Palomar we decided to support different charities every 6 months with a focus on animals and the planet. Tusk does incredible work in Africa and are on the very frontline in the battle to save the wildlife. It is a deep honour to take part in this marathon in June of this year, training has begun and will keep you posted at the event”.