We are acutely aware of our relationship to our source ingredients and many of the charities we support are linked to that, sometimes in a very exact way, others less tangibly, but the subject is always very much in our hearts. Since opening in May 2014, we have supported Water Aid, Oceana, Tusk, Street Smart, Action Against Hunger and this year we are looking at working with Compassion in World Farming.

We believe strongly in treating animals with dignity and taking care of the world we live in. Our job at the restaurant is to source food that is fantastic in flavour but also in harmony with the environment.

We are working closely with The Sustainable Restaurant Association to ensure our standards are high, and having been awarded two stars for sustainability in 2016 we are currently striving to gain our third star. We cook nearly exclusively with organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables and our chicken and beef are raised naturally. Our fish are line caught and we work with the MSC to better understand our choices and this is a constantly evolving dialogue.

The Palomar is a small space with no storage so everything is made fresh daily and we use suppliers who can deliver almost every day. We also need to secure some very specific Middle Eastern ingredients for our pantry so these are imported and sometimes we have to increase our foot print to secure things we love the taste of, so we may buy vine ripened tomatoes from Sicily, lemons from the Amalfi Coast, but our potatoes and leeks are grown in Lancashire. It’s a balance. And on that we take our own realistic view.

Our Oysters are unique, and come from Dungarvan Bay on the South Coast of Ireland. They are grown by the Harty family who have lived and worked in this region since 1835, farming the land in a sustainable way. Our hand dived scallops come from The Isle of Mull from The Ethical Shellfish Company (through our supplier Wright Brothers) and are fished with no damage to the seabed, no waste or bycatch. Chickens come from the Hereford countryside and are free to roam from dawn until dusk. Our Duroc/Hampshire cross pork is from the South Downs and all the pigs are reared in a completely free range environment.

As lamb is a seasonal product, we use different breeds from different areas. During the late Spring and Summer, we use a Poll Dorset breed from the South West region and during the Winter months our lamb is a Texel breed from Lanarkshire. In both incidences, single local approved abattoirs are used which reduces stress for the lambs. Our beef is Aberdeen Angus cross (usually Charolaise) reared near the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. It is handpicked from a selection of farms where cattle are outside on the grass for most of the year and indoors in spacious barns during the harsher winter months with straw bedding.

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